Download PDF of NEET 2022 Question Paper

Find below the NEET 2022 question paper with answer keys and detailed solutions. The NEET 2022 question paper conducted on July 17 is available to download in PDF format on this page. The NEET question paper 2022 PDF download option here will comprise all subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology provided with solutions and answer keys for all codes, as and when the exam concludes.

Download PDF of NEET 2022 Question Paper 17 July

Candidates can refer to the NEET question paper with answer keys and solutions for their reference to evaluate their performance at the examination. This will help candidates to understand the typology of questions asked and the difficulty level of different sections of the NEET paper. Additionally, those candidates who are preparing to appear for NEET in the upcoming academic sessions can also refer to the paper and solutions of NEET 2022.

NEET Paper Code Question Paper Link
Q1 Download Here
Q2 Download Here
Q3 Download Here
Q4 Download Here
Q5 Download Here
Q6 Download Here
R1 Download Here
R2 Download Here
R3 Download Here
R4 Download Here
R5 Download Here
R6 Download Here
S1 Download Here
S2 Download Here
S3 Download Here
S4 Download Here
S5 Download Here
S6 Download Here
T1 Download Here
T2 Download Here
T3 Download Here
T4 Download Here
T5 Download Here
T6 Download Here

Subject-wise NEET 2022 Question Papers with Answer Keys

NEET 2022 Physics question paper with answers
NEET 2022 Chemistry question paper with answers
NEET 2022 Biology question paper with answers
NEET 2022 Botany question paper with answers
NEET 2022 Zoology question paper with answers

NEET Previous Year Question Paper

Candidates can download the previous year’s NEET question paper PDFs from the tables below:-

NEET Question Papers 2021

NEET Question Paper 2021 Code Download Link
M1 Download
M2 Download
M3 Download
M4 Download
M5 Download
M6 Download
N1 Download
N2 Download
N3 Download
N4 Download
N5 Download
N6 Download
O1 Download
O2 Download
O3 Download
O4 Download
O5 Download
O6 Download
P1 Download
P2 Download
P3 Download
P4 Download
P5 Download
P6 Download

NEET Question Papers 2020

NEET 2020 Question Paper Code Download Link
E1 Download
E2 Download
E3 Download
E4 Download
E5 Download
E6 Download
F1 Download
F2 Download
F3 Download
F4 Download
F5 Download
F6 Download
G1 Download
G2 Download
G3 Download
G4 Download
G5 Download
G6 Download
H1 Download
H2 Download
H3 Download
H4 Download
H5 Download
H6 Download

NEET Question Papers 2019

Question Paper Paper Code Solutions
P1 to P6 P1 Download
P2 Download
Q1 to Q6 Q1 Download
Q2 Download
R1 to R6 R1 Download
S1 to S6 S1 Download
S2 Download
H1 & G1 H1 Download

NEET Question Papers 2018

Aakash Institute NEET 2018 Question paper solutions pdf are mentioned in the table below:-

Question Paper Paper Code Solutions
AA to FF AA Download
BB Download
CC Download
DD Download
EE Download
FF Download
GG to NN GG Download
HH Download
KK Download
LL Download
MM Download
NN Download
PP to SS PP Download
QQ Download
RR Download
SS Download
WW to ZZ WW Download
XX Download
YY Download
ZZ Download

NEET Question Papers 2017-2012

Year Question Paper Paper Code Solutions
2017 Question Paper – A/ B/ C/ D Code-A Download
Code-B Download
Code-C Download
Code-D Download
Question Paper – P/ Q/ R/ S Code-P Download
Code-Q Download
Code-R Download
Code-S Download
Question Paper – W/ X/ Y/ Z Code-W Download
Code-X Download
Code-Y Download
Code-Z Download
2016 NEET 2016 Phase I Code-A/ P/ W Download
Code- B/ Q/ X
Code-C/ R/ Y Download
Code-D/ S/ Z
NEET 2016 Phase II Code-AA Download
Code-XX Download
2015 NEET 2015 Phase I Code-A
NEET 2015 Phase II Code-E
2014 Question Paper Code-P Download
2013 Question Paper Code-W Download
2012 Question Paper Code-D Download

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